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IBG Real Estates

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19 Baba Tonka Str.
IBG Real Estates is operating on the real estate market since 2007 and we have hundreds of properties sold mostly to non-Bulgarian citizens. We help our clients choose the appropriate property that meets their aspirations. Our mission is to organize the whole process of acquisition from the start to the very end and in most cases even after that.

We focus on providing quality information - facts, pictures, prices, and advice - for every property we represent. You will not find forceful sales people at IBG Real Estates that is just not our style. We understand that needs and real estate desires vary from individual to individual. This is the reason why we at IBG Real Estate believe in dealing with every client in a customized way. We offer personal attention which enables us to assist you in the best possible way, when it comes to buying, renting or selling real estate.


Sales Manager
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Английский, Болгарский, Греческий, Русский

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Тел.: +359878466691
Тел. 2: +359898466686
Skype: investbg1485
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