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Gabriele Carratelli, the founder and CEO of the Carratelli Group, boasts over 24 years of success in the real estate sector. In 2005, the Luxury Homes brand was created to offer clients a complete real estate experience. This was followed by the Carratelli Real Estate brand, then with the development of an ambitious project aiming to provide specialised real estate luxury to a high profile market, Carratelli Fine Italian Realty was born via the brand Carratelli Luxury Homes, delivering a consistent, exceptional service across the brands is at the epicentre of the Carratelli Groups business.
The Group’s legal and administrative offices are based in Pienza, southern Tuscany while the additional offices in the prime locations of Rome and Florence were opened from 2016 and 2018, with a new office opened in 2020 in Montepulciano.
The Carratelli Group has scheduled the opening of an office in Milan in 2021.
In 2001, Carratelli srl was born, as a wine and spirits brokerage company, thanks to the creativity of Giorgio Carratelli, the founder of the company.
In 2005, it successfully accredited numerous wineries producing the famous Brunello, Chianti Classico, Nobile di Montepulciano, as well as well-known and appreciated Sicilian wines not only in the USA, but also in Germany. In mid-2020, the wines and spirits brand distribution channels where developed further to Poland, Brazil, Russia, China and Japan, within one year, under the guidance of the Directors Gabriele Carratelli and Alessandro Bocci.
In 2019, Carratelli srl became the existing holding company. Carratelli wines now are a part of the Carratelli Group along with all Carratelli brands, with the Real Estate consultancy at the core of company.
Carratelli Fine Realty
Carratelli Fine Reality is one division of the Group with the real estate. Fine Realty specialises for properties in the medium-high range property market.
All clients, buyers and seller are followed by a dedicated team of agents with proven years of experience. Every Carratelli office’s team have an extensive knowledge of the local area and each office provides clients with a Property Finding service.
Carratelli Luxury Homes provides client the maximum exclusivity in property and real estate services, with our comprehensive consultancy with a highly training and experienced team.
The Carratelli Real Estate has a professional, multilingual staff, constantly updated in training, who attentively follow those customers with highest attention to detail and service, providing clients with a bespoke experience.


Head Florence office manager
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