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Spain property articles

14 foreign countries where Russians can open a bank account in 2024
One of the painful consequences of sanctions for Russians is the difficulty of opening accounts in foreign banks, in most cases it is impossible to get this once simple service at all; In which countries and in which banks is it still possible to open an account? What is needed for this? How has the situation changed over the past two years? Read our article.
The visa of the digital nomad of Spain. How to get it in 2024?
The digital nomad visa has been valid in Spain for only a year, but in such a short time it managed to take first place in the ranking of similar programs from around the world; We understand what are the features of this type of residence permit, who can apply for it, and what is the algorithm of actions of a successful applicant.
Countries with good medicine for expats and digital nomads
When choosing a country to move to, digital nomads focus on such aspects as the amount of taxes in a particular jurisdiction, the quality of food, opportunities for socialization, the availability of good schools and kindergartens; the level of medicine is also important.
How to bargain when buying an apartment abroad? Tips for buyers and sellers
"Bargaining is possible" Ц such a phrase is sometimes found in ads for the sale of apartments and houses; And if there is no such reservation, does this mean that the price is already final? Or, conversely, is the negotiation of a concession a matter of course in real estate transactions? In which countries is it customary to bargain, and in which not? Is it possible to bring down the price from the developer, or is it really possible to negotiate only with the owner? We answer these questions in the material.
The best countries to study abroad
Get an education at home or go abroad in search of new experience and knowledge? This is the question facing many teenagers and their parents around the world; Statistics for 2023 have not yet been published, but in 2022 6.4 million students chose the second path; Which of the almost two hundred countries of the planet should they choose? In fact, this question is pure guile; there are no more than 20 "University" countries for which it is worthwhile, even for a while, to leave their native lands.
Spain's "Golden Visa" through the purchase of commercial real estate
The Spanish "Golden Visa" (investor's residence permit) opens up the opportunity to move freely in the Schengen area and gives many other preferences; One of the ways to obtain such a residence permit is to buy commercial real estate in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or on the islands; Why is it often more profitable than investing in housing? What are the features of transactions? What type of object should I choose? What is the likely return? Let's analyze it in the new material.
What's wrong with your real estate listing?
Our material is addressed primarily to individuals who place ads on the portal, but it may also be of interest to market professionals; We have collected tips given to inexperienced home sellers by the American specialized publication Bob Vila, and supplemented them with our recommendations.
The best cities in Europe for chocolate lovers
Our new material is devoted to a delicacy that no holiday can do without; Five centuries have passed since the Spanish conquistadors first brought cocoa beans from America to Europe; During this time, the technology of making a drink and dessert from overseas fruits has changed beyond recognition, and many cities of the Old World participated in the evolution of chocolate and turning it into our usual shapes and tastes; So, we are going on a trip to the "chocolate" capitals of Europe; By the way, the HomesOverseas portal presents real estate in all the mentioned cities.
The results of 2023 in the housing markets of Turkey, Montenegro, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Italy and other countries
The HomesOverseas portal, together with experts in foreign real estate, summarizes the results of the year; What trends are dominating today, and what influenced the markets? Are sales of apartments and houses growing? What happens to prices? Are foreign buyers as active as they were last year? What are the prospects for the next 12 months? Read in our superinformative exclusive material! It will be useful both for those who have already made a purchase and for those who are planning a deal.
Principles of building environmentally sustainable homes in Europe
We continue the series of publications on the trend towards reducing energy consumption in Europe and ways to reduce the harm caused to the environment during the construction and operation of buildings; How to increase the energy efficiency of housing, as well as what are the features of "sustainable" houses, we will tell in the material.