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5 Bedroom Apartment in Ayia Napa, Famagusta

7 520 000 €
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квартиры (апартаменты)
782 кв. м
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Both towers have T-shaped footprints that twist 1.6 degrees per floor, rotating west to east as they ascend to take full advantage of the breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean, the marina and coastlines stretching in either direction.

Over 100m tall, the East Tower and West Tower act as beacons welcoming seafarers, residents and visitors alike. Their twisting forms are inspired by the female figure and draped robes of sculptures found at archaeological sites throughout Cyprus.

The East Tower offers a vibrant living environment close to all the action. Each one of the 95 spacious apartments is uniquely shaped to ensure that all living spaces, including bedrooms, are oriented toward the water and beaches – with modern, open plan designs maximising the daylight and views. The living rooms have full-height glass doors that open wide to extend the living area out onto the covered veranda.The tower located in the commercial Hub of the Marina, offers a vibrant and bustling enviroment for residents and quests.

In the spacious lobby, an undulating sculptural ceiling soars 12m above the floor, surrounded by an all-glass exterior curtain wall with structural glass mullions. This attracts an abundance of natural light, with direct views of the commercial area and event centre.

The West tower lobby has an all-glass façade and sculptural ceiling, in a dramatic double height space with views out to an expansive amenity deck elevated over the marina. 

The private amenities deck includes landscaped gardens and lawn, cabanas, a protected child play area and day-care facilities and two separate pools, one of them specifically tailored to families. 


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First Class Homes
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