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Industrial Land

700 000 €
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Great opportunity for investment.
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Дата обновления 24-11-2022, просмотров: 43


Тип недвижимости
земельные участки
Площадь участка
293880 кв. м
До моря
350 км
До подьемника
50 км
До аэропорта
30 км


Подробное описание

Great opportunity for investment. Very attractive land for sale. Why exactly this land? Because: The land is located in an industrial zone where construction is allowed. There is only one owner of this land, not multiple like on the majority. It is 3.2 km from the highway and is connected to it by the main road. A popular five-star hotel is across the road. Because it is 1.6 km from the center and is on the surface of 29 388 square meters. It is 70 kilometers from the Croatian border All the communications for industrial construction have been brought to the land: water, electricity, sewage, gas. The power line is at the edges of the land so that it is easier to install an electrical substation. Famous companies have built their factories in the immediate vicinity: Bosch, Sugar Factory, MK Commerce, Tennessee meat industry Gebrüder Weiss d.o.o. Hotel is not included, it is put just for orientation purposes so the viewer can see better. 


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