портал о зарубежной недвижимости

Виллы в аренду на первой береговой линии

в день: от 250 €
в неделю: от 1 750 €
в месяц: от 7 750 €
4 роскошные виллы в тихом районе Пигианос Кампос в нескольких метрах от частного пляжа.
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Тип недвижимости
дома (виллы)
60 кв. м
Количество спален
Год постройки
До моря
100 м
До аэропорта
60 км


первая линия моря/озера, пригород
вид на город, вид на горы, вид на море/океан/залив, вид на парк/сад, панорамный вид
Планировка и помещения
балкон, ландшафтный дизайн, отдельный вход, открытая парковка, свободная планировка, терраса
бытовая техника, джакузи, интернет, кондиционирование, меблировка, спутниковое ТВ, «умный дом»
Отдых и инфраструктура
бассейн, собственный пляж
Финансирование и управление
услуги по сдаче в аренду

Подробное описание

Thalasses Villas are four brand new luxurious villas located in a peaceful area of Pigianos Kampos, just a few meters away from our organised and well thought out private beach.

There are two different types of villas in the complex. To the front villas “Thoi” and “Persi” which are single-storey, to the rear two-storey villas “Eeanthe” and “Melia”.  All the villas have been designed to offer privacy with clear views of the sea!

Elegance, functionality and luxury are harmoniously combined under an eco-friendly consciousness. The interior of each will cover all your needs alongside your aesthetic taste, from the coco-mat mattresses, on which you’ll have the perfect sleep, to the private heated swimming pools. Thalasses Villas are particularly sophisticated and supplied with details for satisfying your most demanding requests.

Stay in your private villa, enjoy your freedom and privacy but also take advantage of the complex facilities and hotel services that we can offer. Each villa has private sun beds on the crystal clear water’s edge!

On our private beach, our luxurious beach bar called “Thalassa” is ready to serve your every demand. There is a safe organised playground for children, plus a vegetable garden in which you can “use” with our gardener’s help and taste home grown vegetables.

Our free of charge “hotel services” can make the difference for your stay, include daily cleaning, room service, daily operating reception desk and Holiday Advisor & concierge centre where you can take advice or suggestions regarding everything in our island!


What makes Thalasses villas so special: 

- Staying in a private sea front villa and enjoying your own private beach facilities is very special! 
- Feel the freedom of staying in your own villa but also take advantage of the “hotel style services” that we can offer if you want or need them.
- Created with high standards and branded goods and materials, provides “comfort and luxury in every detail”. 
- Private beach with a luxury beach bar and sun beds “on the water” for each villa.
- Safety for children. The complex was designed with child safety in mind. We are offering a variety of facilities for children to occupy their time and leave parents the needed space to relax. 
- Security service around the clock.
- Taste our unique Cretan breakfast with fresh products picked from our vegetable garden! 
- The location, the complex is located in Piganos Kampos, a peaceful area yet close to everything.
- No need to rent cars if you stay in Thalasses villas.
- Holiday advisor call centre is available exclusively to our guests. Each villa has a landline connection which you can call anytime for any problem, question or just seeking our advice.
- Here, hospitality takes away tensions and offers energy.

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