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2 Bedroom Apartment in Arakapas, Limassol

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Тип недвижимости
квартиры (апартаменты)
72 кв. м
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A new mixed residential development with 38 units including studios, apartments of 1 and 2 bedrooms, maisonettes and houses.

It is within the residential development of the village and at a small distance from the coffee shops, restaurants, banks and general store.

It is a project which certainly covers all the needs for permanent and holiday home, with excellent architecture functionality and sufficient data from natural stone, wood and natural tiles.

At the whole project a swimming pool and 80m and children\'s pool, communal toilets and showers, a large pavilion for drinks and snacks, playground, green areas and ample parking are included.

Arakapas village is situated at the provinces of Limassol and at the distance of 25 km from center and 15km from the sea.

It is a picturesque and beautiful village with only 300 permanent residents, surrounded by mountains at an altitude of 600m over the sea, build in built in valleys and between 2 river deltas.

A visitor reaching there will be captivated at first glance with the village’s picturesque ness and it\'s green landscape. This is the reason why the permanent residents due to the existence of enough water of the lowland areas and the excellent climate they are working on growing citrus trees, producing all over Cyprus the famous mandarins of Arakapas.

Even though a small village Arakapas is famous not only in Cyprus but also abroad for it’s miraculous icon of Virgin Mary of IAMATIKI which heals wounds and to heal wounds and bleeding, an invaluable work of art, painted by St. Loukas.

This icon is situated at the magnificent temple which is located at the entrance of the village built around the late 18th century.

Next to the church there is a temple which is also dedicated to the Virgin Mary of IAMATIKI a historical monument preached by OUNESCO as a historical museum with rare paintings built on the 14th century.

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