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1 Bedroom Apartment in Agios Athanasios, Limassol

135 000 €
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ID: 879688
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Тип недвижимости
квартиры (апартаменты)
65 кв. м
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Подробное описание

Overview of the Project
The development is a unique modern design, new build structure at a Prime location in
the Ayios Athanasios area of Limassol (Finishing by March). It enjoys the advantages of a peaceful environment
and the quiet way of living away from the noise and congestion of the town. It consists of
large private apartments, suitable for families and young people. Designed and
constructed as a high thermal efficient structure.

Building Structure
The structure is a reinforced concrete frame based on two level raft foundations. All
structural elements, (i.e. the columns, beams and slabs) have been designed in
accordance with the seismic building regulations. European reinforcement steel and
concrete Grade C30 have been used for the construction of the building.

Weather protection / Thermal efficiency &
Externally the building is constructed with high quality thermal bricks and plaster in order
to provide high level of thermal insulation, minimizing the expenditure of energy and the
volume of electricity bill, during winter and summer times. It is decorated in light colors to
reflect the heat.  The window systems will ensure air/water tightness and noise reduction to the apartments. Provisions for anti-mosquito nets have been installed to all of the openings. and the windows are double glazed in order to reduce solar gains. 

- The kitchen’s worktops are fitted with Italian granite.

Parking spaces / Storage rooms
Each apartment has one private covered parking space and one big storage room. The
storage rooms, which are located on the ground floor, have their own lighting and
electrical socket which is fed from the main power supply of each apartment.    



One bedroom with 64,5 sq. m. covered area + 17 sq. m. covered veranda + 10,5 sq. m. Storage                                           -> 135.000 + VAT

One bedroom with 64,5 sq. m. covered area + 13 sq. m. covered veranda + 5 sq. m. uncovered veranda + 9 sq. m. Storage   -> 135.000 + VAT

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