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New property portal Overseas.Realty by HomesOverseas team. The product and it's possibilities

14 декабря 2023 (четверг) 15:00
Important news of the end of 2023 on the foreign real estate market: HomesOverseas.ru team has launched the new portal Overseas.Realty. This project has target to an English-speaking audience of property  buyers from all over the world and uses modern IT and marketing technologies.There is currently a beta testing period, but commercial operation of the project will begin soon, at January, 2024.
We invite professionals to the webinar, where Sergey Rymov, who is the head of Overseas.Realty, will provide you with the detailed information about the project, its advertising possibilities and prospects.

- Why HomesOverseas team has created a new English-language portal;
- What does the new project have that HomesOverseas.ru does not;
- Where did the real estate offers come from from the very beginning of the portal;
- Why there are no articles, news, or blog on Overseas.Realty;
- What is the number of portal’s visitors right now and what will it be in a year;
- When can we expect the first requests from Overseas.Realty visitors;
- How much will advertising cost, and are welcome discounts provided;
- What conditions are offered to HomesOverseas.ru advertisers;

The duration of the webinar is 45-60 minutes. The webinar will be held in English.

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